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eauty of Life's new line of products brings you an innovative, cutting-edge scientific approach combined with age-old secrets of natural beauty care. Known to celebrated beauties of the ancient world such as Nefertiti, Bathsheeba, and Cleopatra, Dead Sea Minerals contain unique natural compounds with an incredible beneficial influence on your skin. 

 Some of the Beauty of Life products use extracts from the Dunaliella algae, which is well known for its positive skin care qualities. Company scientists found that mixing the Dunaliella extract with Beauty of Life cosmetic products improves the metabolic activity of the skin, provides it with substances essential to its health, maintains skin humidity in difficult conditions, prevents environmental damage (radiation and heat), and slows down the skin aging rate.For further details of the Dunaliella algae and its qualities, click here.


The Dead Sea, with its 30 percent mineral content, is one of the wonders of nature. Lying at the lowest point on earth, rare deposits amalgamate near its shores. 'Beauty of Life' products make use of sophisticated techniques to harvest and bottle the essence of Dead Sea Minerals. You can now experience the sensual, exciting facial and body care that ancient royalty once enjoyed, along with the benefits of the latest advances of modern cosmetic science.