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Discover the ancient Magic of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea lies in the heart of the ancient
Middle East. Over millions of years, a rift valley slowly filled with rainwater and water from mountain springs. But instead of becoming just another great lake, it became the Dead Sea -- the most unusual body of water on earth, 400 meters below sea level.

The Dead Sea is only two-thirds water. The rest is minerals -- not normal sea salt, but magnesium, calcium chlorides, vital potassium, relaxing bromides, and cleansing sulfates. In the Dead Sea, rare chemicals are created by earth and sun alone -- a natural beauty laboratory.
What is "dead" about the Dead Sea? Every other lake is filled with algae and bacteria that feed shrimp, fish and birds. But the Dead Sea's minerals keep it immaculately pure. In the Dead Sea, nothing grows but crystals.

The Dead Sea's purity and health benefits have been famous for over five thousand years. Many still travel there today to seek relief from skin problems. They find relaxation in the salt breezes and enjoy natural energy from the highest oxygen levels on earth. They bathe in the rich, vivifying waters, and cover their skin with the soothing black mud that is found in rare deposits deep under the salt beaches.

But you don't have to travel to the Dead Sea to enjoy its luxury! Beauty of Life products contain pure Dead Sea minerals and oils, crystallized by the sun and harvested directly from its shores. Nothing can compare to the unique combination of mineral salts that Nature gives us through the Dead Sea.


The Virtues of Dead Sea Mud
Why is mud so important in your beauty-care routine?

There are many reasons.

Natural mud is rich in minerals – magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, to name a few. Magnesium accelerates cell metabolism. Calcium strengthen cell membrane, sodium preserves internal cell pressure, potassium supplies energy. Bromide soothes; iron carries oxygen. All these minerals are essential to skin metabolism especially in more advanced age.

As we grow older, mineral level in the body is lowered. The body does not produce minerals on its own – it needs outside sources other than water and nourishment.

The advantages of mud: it has a high cleansing ability; it annexes fats and dirt, discards of dead skin-cells and exposes a fresh skin layer. It reduces skin laxity and even performs a certain “stretch”, soothes the skin and gives it moisture. Combined, these effects makes your skin smoother, more flexible, and gives it a clean, fresh and silky appearance.  


Organic Substances:22.40%


  • Sodium:1.70%

  • Potassium:1.30%

  • Calcium:20.40%

  • Magnesium:4.90%

  • Chloride:7.80%

  • Sulphate:7.80%

  • Carbonate:23.20%













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